Programme on ITAT Proceedings 10 July 2010

E-Filing of Service Tax Returns 14th April,2010

Lecture Meeting on "The Finance Bill, 2010" 6th March, 2010

WIRC Regional Conference at Mumbai on 18th & 19th December

Accounting & Auditing By--CA N.P.Sarda
Changes to IFRS - Will it prevent fraud? By--CA P.Ramesh
Auditing Standards- A Forgotten Responsibility? By--CA Khushroo Panthaky
Accounting Standards on financial Instruments- Changing Role of Internal Auditors Post Satyam By--CA Mrugesh Shah
Chairman's Remarks
Future of Profession : Grapping the Changes By--CA M.M.Chitale
GST - Benefits v/s Complications By--CA Parind Mehta
New Code of Income Tax -Taxation Simplified ? By--CA Rajan Vora
Company Law Bill 2009 -Trasforming the Corporate World By--CA Mehul Modi
LLP - Is it Really worth the Exercise By-- CA Vishal J. Shah
Chairman's Remarks
Indirect Taxes By-- CA Ashok Chandak
Overlaps in Indirect Taxes -Complexities beyond control Keynote By--CA Sunil Gabhawala
Issuses in Service tax - Eluding Definitive Answers By--CA Vipin Jain
New Format -MVAT Audit report -Where eagles dare By--CA Rajat Talati
Chairman's Remarks
Direct Taxes By-- CA Gautam Doshi
Taxation of Capital Receipts By-- CA Chetan Karia
Business Expenditure - Increasing Complexities By-- CA Milin Mehta
Stock Markets-Gazing The CrystalB Ball By-- Panel Discussion


Introduction of CA. B.R. Jaju
Introduction of CA. B.K. Vastaraj
Memento and Floral Bouquet To CA. B.K. Vastaraj
Balanced board for better governance By--CA B.R.Jaju
Effectiveness of independent directors By--CA B.K.Vastaraj
Vote of Thanks
Introduction and Memento and Floral Bouquet To CA. Mayank Bathwal
Introduction and Memento and Floral Bouquet To CA. Asheesh Maroo
Corporate Governance in Insurance Industry By--CA Mayank Bathwal
Corporate Governance in Banking Industry By--CA Asheesh Maroo
Vote of Thanks
Introduction of CA. Abhay Gupte
Memento and Floral Bouquet To CA. Abhay Gupte
Introduction of CA. Dipak Ghose
IT Governance By--CA Abhay Gupte
ERM & Shareholders value maximization By--CA Dipak Ghose
Vote of Thanks
Introduction and Memento and Floral Bouquet To CA. Huzeifa Unwala
Introduction of CA. Paresh Rajde
Shift from CG to Enterprise governance & protect minority shareholders / stakeholders interest. By--CA Huzeifa Unwala
Better governance of SME sector for greater sustainable development. By--CA Paresh Rajde
Vote of Thanks By--Paresh Rajde

S.Vaidhyanathan Memorial Lecture 15th December 2009

Lecture Meeting on Important Issues in MVAT & How to Manage Stress 8th December 2009

Seminar on The Financial Services Industry- Emerging Trends,Challenges and Way Forward 21st November,2009

Welcome Address By--CA.Jayesh Shah
Introduction of CA. Sunil Gidwani By-- CA. Punita Bansal
Direct Taxes-Topical direct Tax (incliuding PE) issues for the key segments & overview on the implications of the proposed direct Tax code on the FS industry Address By-- CA. Sunil Gidwani
Vote of Thanks By--CA.Ankit Sanghavi
Introduction of CA. Dhaivat Anjaria By-- CA. Punita Bansal
Transfer Pricing-Banking & Capital Markets -topical Transfer Pricing challenges,assessment experience & emerging global trends Address By-- CA. Dhaivat Anjaria
Vote of Thanks By--CA.Jayesh Shah
Opening Address
Introduction of CA. Arnav Pandya & CA. Sunil Goyal
Current industry scenario & future outlook for key segments of the FS industry followed by panel discussion Address by-- CA. arnav Pandya & CA. sunil Goyal
Current industry scenario & future outlook for key segments of the FS industry followed by panel discussion Address By--Panel Discussion
Vote of Thanks

Seminar on The Financial Services Industry -Emerging Trends,Challenges and Way Forward on 20th November 2009

Opening Address By--CA. Mehul Sheth
Welcome Address By--CA.B.C.Jain
Inaugural of the Seminar by Lighting of Lamp with all the Dignitaries on the Dias 
Introduction of CA. Ashutosh Pednekar By--CA. Mehul Sheth
Memento and Floral Bouquet To CA. Ashutosh Pednekar
Accounting Challenges-Analysis impact of Accounting Standards 30,31 &32 for Banks By--CA. Ashutosh Pednekar
Vote of Thanks By--CA. Archit Kotwal
Introduction of CA. Amit Sarkar
Indirect Taxes- Typical indirect tax issues in financial services transactions Address by-- CA. Amit Sarkar
Vote of Thanks By--CA. Jayesh shah
Opening Address
IFRS-Issues and way forward Address By-- CA. Tushar Sachade
Vote of Thanks
Introduction of CA. Tushar Sachade
Regulatory aspects-FEMA.SEBI,NBFC,Regs,LLP Address By-- CA> Tushar Sachade
Vote of Thanks
Introduction of CA. Dilip Thakkar By CA.Jayesh Thakkar
Floral Bouquet and Memento To CA. Dilip Thakkar By CA.B.C.Jain
Fema- InBound and OutBound Investments --Address By CA. Dilip Thakkar
Question Answer Session
Vote of Thanks --By CA. Bhavik Salot

Lecture Meeting on GST-Road Ahead 9th October,2009

Lecture Meeting on Stress Management 17th September,2009